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Self-Care is not an Act of Selfishness....    It is an Act of Consciousness!


Jenny Florence


Jenny's books explore the complexities of our mind and emotions in a language that is accessible to both professionals and lay people alike.

Drawing on both personal and professional experience, Jenny  illustrates and gives meaning to complex psychological principles,

beautifully combining the conceptual knowledge of emotional intelligence with practical and pragmatic application.


Within her books the reader will discover a real and significant opportunity for the development of emotional literacy and personal growth.

"Thoughtful... Articulate... Essential!"

Alicia Heraz,  Eng. PhD.

Founder and CEO Emmaw, Podcasts Emotions Matter

7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy, a practical guide. Learn to Listen... Change your Life!

Katherine Woodward Thomas,   

New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in "The One"

“In the midst of today’s hectic pace of life this beautifully written book thoughtfully reminds us that first and foremost, we are relational beings. It is through relating and within relationship that we find meaning in our lives.

Jenny’s insightful and yet pragmatic approach to greater emotional awareness awakens us to the love that is possible in each moment we share with others.

This book is overflowing with kindness, insight, depth and above”

Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness, 7 Steps to Learn the Language of your Emotions

Dr David Hemery CBE DL, Olympic Gold Medalist hurdling champion,

 Coach, teacher, author and founder of the Charity for schools, 21st Century Legacy and

the ‘Be the Best you can Be!’ programme.

"What a wealth of insights Jenny’s book provides on the impact of emotions, on our lives & choices. 

For years I have been advocating the positive significance of questions that generate greater self-awareness and self-responsibility. You can’t determine what life throws at you,

your choice is how you react.

Awareness is the key to making wiser decisions.

"Jenny provides illustration and insights which help provide new ways of seeing and handling emotional challenges. She has broken down the huge area into themes and within these provided useful guidelines and understanding. It is only when delving deeply and with honesty, into our own way of being that we can gain the value of choosing to modify our perspectives and/or behavior. 

Emotion can be read as e-motion - energy in motion. Jenny asks us to notice the difference in our energy with positive or negative focus on ourselves. She asks us to listen to our heart and our gut. How well do we truly listen to ourselves, as well as others? 

It is a book well worth our engagement – a truly helpful addition to awareness."