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Approaching Mental Wellness from an entirely different perspective!
Bringing Psychological Insight & Emotional Awareness into the Public Domain FREE of Charge


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Open your Mind to Possibility.....

Astrology & Monthly Readings
Astrology and Monthly Readings
This section of the Library contains links to the playlist of monthly Readings, plus the opportunity to access the extended Readings for each Astrological sign.
Be sure to subscribe to the A-Z of Emotional Health Youtube Chanel to receive immediate notification when the readings are uploaded.
Astrology forecasts and the accompanying readings offer a profound opportunity to understand the incoming energy and influences that are impacting on both ourselves and humanity at large. These readings enable us to stand back from ourselves and observe our current situations with clarity, bringing insight to support us in making mindful choices
in all areas of our lives
Psychology without Jargon
Psychology without Jargon
On this page of the library you will find a series of Audios that teach an in depth knowledge of the kinds of deep psychological patterns that we develop during childhood, that can then impact and affect the way that we navigate our lives as adults, blocking our ability to develop flourishing relationships and a thriving life.
Knowledge is Power!
Understanding these patterns creates REAL opportunity to let go of the past, to change from the inside out, and to create a future built on a foundation of empowered awareness.
Loss and Bereavement
Loss and Bereavement
At some point in our lives, we will all lose someone that we love.
Bereavement is NOT a mental process - it is an Emotional Journey.
This section of the Library contains 3 pages of audios and videos to help and support this powerful emotional journey, including a Meditation specifically designed to bring emotional release and the skills we need to manage  loss over the Christmas and New Year period.
Pages 2 & 3 house a bite-sized series of videos that walk you, step by step, through
this complex, challenging and frequently overwhelming process
from Loss, to a return to Life again.
Empathy is so much more than a cognitive listening skill that we use to try to listen and understand the feelings of others. Empathy in its purity is the very fabric of relating, not only with one another but with all aspects of ourselves and with all of life.
These pages are packed with stories, articles, and hands-on teaching that enable us to understand Empathy as a source of inspiration that can be integrated into all aspects of our everyday lives, infusing our actions with kindness and compassion, becoming the foundation within us that supports us in being the very best version of ourselves.
Self-Care is not an Act of Selfishness. It is an Act of Consciousness!
Learn to Listen to Yourself and you will be able to listen not only to others but to all of life as it flows through you.  

Understanding Empathy as a Spiritual Pathway... a Way of Being... listening to all of Life

Emotions Matter
Emotions Matter.
From the building of self-esteem and confidence, to recovery from trauma, or the management of our more challenging emotions, such as guilt, anxiety, anger and despair, our emotions play an integral part in our lives. 
In these ever growing pages of the Library you will discover a wealth of information that not only highlights and evidences why emotions are so essential to our overall health and well-being but will also give you the information you need to transform concepts into real actions that support our capacity to live a mindful conscious pathway of living.
This Library is here to Help.   
Page 2 includes a downloadable worksheet to help to move through and beyond Despair.
Webinars and Podcasts
Webinars & Podcasts
Reaching Out - Sharing Information - Making a Difference
This section of the Library houses the recordings of any live seminars, webinars, podcasts and radio appearances that I have been able to record and store for anyone to listen and watch at any time in the future.
Subjects range from Building Self-esteem and Confidence, the Empowerment of Emotional Literacy, Mindfulness meets Emotional Awareness, and the growing epidemic of Loneliness. 

Reaching Out - Sharing Information - Making a Difference

Non-defensive Communication
Non-Defensive Communication.
A Course of Videos to Develop Empowered and Effective Communication Skills.
This page of the Library houses a series of videos that will teach you effective, aware, empowered communication skills that offer respect to all parties.
Do you find yourself saying Yes when you really ought to say No?
Do you lack confidence in putting forward your own point of view?
Do you always know what you would like to have said after a conversation...
but never in the moment?
Are you fazed by people who maneuver and manipulate using confrontation?
These are all issues that I myself have struggled with. I now speak with confidence. These Videos contain the skills that I have learned and have shared with many people, who have been able to successfully overcome their communication difficulties.

Find your Voice - Learn to Listen - Learn to Speak

A Course in Effective Empowered Communication

Building Emotional Resilience
Building Emotional Resilience.
Featuring Four full pages of Videos, Audios, Meditations, Conversations, Articles and Blogs all of which focus on building, establishing and maintaining emotional resilience. Why we need it...
And even more importantly... what we can do if we lack this vital element of emotional durability within our very core.
Knowledge really is Power!
When we build a healthy inner reserve of Emotional resilience we can stand strong and remain centered and grounded in the face of the storms that life events
can bring to our door.

Audios, Videos,Meditations, Conversations,Articles & Blogs

Knowledge really is Power!

Learning From Life
Learning from Life.
Life has a way of bringing us what we need... rather than what we want.
When we shift our perceptions of problems and difficulties we can begin to engage with every experience as an opportunity to learn and to grow.
Change your Perspective... Change your life!
In this section of the Library you will find videos to change your perspective
and stories of inspirational lessons from everyday life. 

Videos that offer simple but inspirational lessons that change our perspective. 

This section of the Library is home to two full series of Meditations plus a single meditation to support Bereavement at Christmas. You will also find two Huffington Post blogs explaining the science behind Emotional Meditation plus a personal experience.
The Original series of 'Emotional Meditation'
a 15 day journey of emotional discovery and release through meditation
with bonus meditation, The Art of Saying both Yes and No 
The Empathy Challenge
a 7 day journey to develop Empathy as a spiritual pathway of living
with bonus meditation, Dare to Dream
Coping with Bereavement at Christmas
How to cope, what to expect plus emotional support and release

Emotional Awareness - Empathy - Bereavement

In Conversation
In Conversation....     I Love this Page of the Library!
I get to have amazing conversations with interesting and inspirational people.
From the sharing of life-changing stories, with Authors of Self-Care books and Emotional resilience experts sharing their knowledge, to an Astrologer speaking about emotions, a wise teacher sharing his experiences of the challenges faced within the education system in creating and supporting wellness and an environment of equality, these are conversations that raise awareness and bring about change. 
Additional Free resources are also shared with listeners, all details are then shared on the Resources Page of the Library.

Conversations that raise awareness and inspire change and growth.

Empowering Men to have an Emotional Voice
Empowering Men to have an Emotional Voice.
We all know that it isn't helpful to bottle up our feelings...
and yet so many men have been brought up feeling as though to talk about their feelings is a weakness and not acceptable.
My deep respect and profound gratitude goes out to all the guys who have shared their experiences and contributed to these ever growing pages in the hope that their experiences will give permission and inspire other men to have an emotional voice.
If you would like to have a voice about this subject or share your experiences do please get in touch with me and we will make this possible.
A dedicated contact form is on the bottom of the pages in this section of the Library.

Guys speak out about their struggle to have an emotional voice.

In Celebration of World Peace Day
Messages of Peace
Choosing a life of Self-responsibility is the foundation of a personal pathway of Peace, the life of a Spiritual Warrior.
A series of 14 Daily Messages that guide a Life of Self-Responsibility.
So often we desire Peace for Humanity and yet lack the understanding to make this real within the context of our everyday lives. These Audios brings daily insight to guide us and help us to walk our talk and to create real and lasting change.

14 daily messages of inspiration

Tiny Talks
Tiny Talks
If you have just a few minutes of spare time and would like to listen to some tiny talks that raise emotional awareness, bring a wealth of insight and food for thought then this section of the Library is for you.
Made up of individual videos and exerts from longer conversations, Tiny talks are never more than 5 minutes long. 

5 minutes of inspiration

Become a Member of the A-Z Library - membership is absolutely Free
Become a Member of the A-Z Library - membership is absolutely Free
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