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Links to Websites and Services that offer Emotional Support, Information and help to Develop Emotional Resilience

Further Resources

Jocelyn Florence Astrologer

As many of you will know I was extremely gifted to grow up with an extraordinary Astrologer, my younger sister Jocelyn!

Do check out her website, and her regular posts on both Facebook and YouTube.

Her Links are Below
Self-Care Revolution! by Ellen Rondina



5 Pillars to Prevent Burnout and Build Sustainable Resilience for Helping Professionals takes you through a step by step system to set up a sustained and sustainable Self-Care practice as a way of life and work.

Access Ellen's Book 
K'Bro - A FREE App to Help Young People develop Emotional Resilience

K’Bro helps your kids learn effective emotional self-care to build their emotional resiliency.

K’Bro provides kids helpful tips and skill-building for navigating complex relationship issues they might experience, while also benefiting from anonymous peer support via My Tribe.  

And K'Bro keeps parents in the loop. 

Parents get updates about their child's well-being with a weekly report to let you know how your child is doing and where they might need some extra support: school, family life, social life or other stuff, including conversation starter tips.

And if ever there is a cause for concern you’ll get an immediate email alert.

Access the Apps using the Buttons Below
20 Habits of Self Care by Karin Brauner

20 Self-Care Habits was written from hands-on experience, as a guide to deeper and more meaningful self-care.


Learn about who you really are and what you want to do to set clear boundaries and meet your needs, both as an individual and in your relationships.

Through stories, quotes, and reflection times, this book will help you develop your strengths and use the resources within you and around you, as a way of improving your life and relationships.

Access Karins Book, Website and Resources using the Buttons Below
The Calm People - Experts in Emotional Resilience for Business

Calm People are Midlands based national and international Emotional Resilience Facilitators.  

Since 2010, they have been working with organisations and individuals to find healthy ways to express emotions, resolve conflict both at home and at work, and develop strategies to feel more at ease with their emotional lives.

Contact the Calm People 
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