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Sunday Reading - 9th August 2020

A Crystal Celebration!


Sunday Reading - 2nd August 2020

Crystal Astro-Energy Alignment

Sunday Reading - 26th July 2020

Crystal Hearts.

Sunday Reading - 5th July 2020

Phases of the Moon.

Sunday Reading - 19th July 2020

Shamanic Herbs.

Sunday Reading - 12th July 2020

Angel Energy!

Sunday Reading - 7th June 2020

The Healing Energies of Flowers

Mother Nature Speaks...

Sunday Reading - 14th June 2020

Natural Rocks & Crystals

Sunday Reading - 21st June 2020

Herbal Magic!

Sunday Reading - 28th June 2020

Working with Crystals.

Sunday Reading - 17th May 2020

Guidance from Archangels

Sunday Reading - 24th May 2020

Crystal Wands

Sunday Reading - 31st May 2020

Crystal Hearts

Sunday Reading - 10th May 2020

The Beltane Energy of Fertility and New Beginnings

Sunday Reading - 5th May 2020

Working with Raw Crystal Energy

Sunday Reading - 26th April 2020

The Meaning of Feathers

Sunday Reading - 19th April 2020

The Crystal Hearts

Sunday Reading - 12th April 2020

Prayer Flags, Prayer Ties and Wishing Trees

Sunday Reading - 5th April 2020

Ancient Symbols & Architypes

Sunday Reading - 29th March 2020

The Crystals & Herbs